Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just around the corner!

Spring is just around the corner..... 20 things I love about SPRING! 1. A new season is always a refreshing and welcomed change 2. Beautiful colors 3. Spring cleaning....getting things organized and fresh and clean 4. Spring showers. I never get tired of them. 5. The smell of the rain and the fresh new blooms 6.The birds singing their songs 7. Just sitting with the sunshine on you and letting the world sit still for even just a moment 8. Hiking/and long walks. Letting the boys explore the earth around them! 9. Easter and the celebration of our King 10. Tshirts and flip flops 11. The sun stays a bit longer now! 12. Dresses...really girly dresses :) 13. Opening the windows early in the morning to let the fresh air welcome us 14. Knowing that evenings spent cooking and eating dinner outside & farmer's market filled with fresh veggies and fruit that we go pick out as a family are so close we can almost touch them!! 15. Garage sales make their return..yay lol!! 16. Time to plan for vacation (l'll post about this soon!!) 17. Planting beautiful flowers and seedlings and waiting for their arrival! 18. Spring fashion (yes boys have some pretty fun fashion too lol) 19. Putting winter behind us 20. Seeing neighbors out working in the garden, watering, or even for a walk as a family Its almost here!!!!!

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