Monday, July 7, 2008

As most of you know, last month I was having some serious problems. I was dealing with depression. I got to a point where ENOUGH was ENOUGH! I knew what I had to do. I knew it all along, but I finally wanted to do it. I started praying. I started reading my bible. I started connecting with God again. I don't know why I am so stubborn at times, my goodness!! It took less than ONE week for HIM to bring me completely out of it. I fell in love with HIM again, our lives started to be blessed over and over again, I was enjoying my husband and boys more again, and one of the BEST things happened! I found myself. I haven't seen myself in YEARS! My confidence is coming back! I had almost NO confidence. I feel happy, beautiful, and joyful! Why shouldn't I? My father is a KING! One more thing...I've always wanted to work from home. I was however, way to shy to do it, or didn't want to have people judge me or hurt my feelings. Well, while on my journey (which is not over BTW) and gaining my confidence, God helped me realize how much I love to write and how much I love people and how much I love to help people! WOW, I really haven't enjoyed being around people in a while. BUT I applied for an awesome job (a place where thousands of people apply) now I have't gotten the job, but I applied. Something I would have never had the confidence to do in the first place. My confidence is through the roof!! I know am am just starting this life of freedom! Freedom in GOD and from depression. I can't wait to see what lies ahead! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boys will be Boys

So this morning while giving the boys a bath (they wanted to take by the way - hmmm how long has it been? haha!) I step out to get the baby. Then I hear a big THUD. The boys jump out of the tub as I run to them. I look at the tub and say "boys, what happened in here?" Mr. know it all replies politely, "MOMMY, we just broke the wall." Lovely.


Man! Its hard to get the motivation some days to workout, but the more I realize how good it makes me feel, the more I try to squeeze it in somehow. Sometimes I'm grab my tennies,some water, and a work out DVD and get moving. I have a few different DVDs, because I get way too bored! I have some that are 10min (for rushed or lazy days), some that are 25 min, and some that are 45-60 min (for when I'm feeling all sorts of motivated!) I let my kids join me too, they learn the importance of exercise and love spending the time with me. Another thing I did for motivation to get in shape, is signed up for our Susan B. Coleman 5K run (3.1) in Sept. Now see, I didn't think I was a runner, but I started slow at 1/2 a mile, then up to 1 mile and so forth. I actually like running most days now, and I feel so good afterwards! Plus, I made the commitment, so I'm sticking to it! Some days, I take the boys out for a walk for 45 minutes. Its a wonderful way to get everybody in the family moving and you're spending precious time together! OR last but not least, just put on your your favorite tunes, and dance like nobody's watching!

Monday, June 30, 2008

How Do You Do It?

With three little boys, my days stay so busy. I am a big fan of routine. Not always consistent that's for sure, but the days go better when we are. We try to do pretty much the same thing everyday. *Eat breakfast *kids play/TV while I clean and get ready for 1 hour *play together or read *snack *laundry (the boys help) *lunch *play outside *nap/rest (my quiet time) *snack *play while I finish any cleaning *activity at table while I cook (they help me some) *dinner *clean up *bath *pick up toys *read *prayers *bed Though it doesn't always go that way, we pretty much know what to expect, which makes for pretty smooth days.

Count Your Blessings

Almost everyday, I write in a journal. I will write about how I'm feeling, what we're doing as a family, goals I have, and the boys and their accomplishments.
At the end of the month I go through and write down all of our blessings that month, and WOW, how blessed we are! I've also recently started writing 5 things every few days that I'm thankful for. Anything from my family to my favorite song.
Going over your blessings and what you're thankful for is such a positive and healthy thing to do for yourself. One thing that can NEVER be bad for you!


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