Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pirates of the Canyon 2012

We hopped out of bed at 5:00 AM this morning to enjoy the annual hot air balloon launch. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning!

I can't get over how stunning it was. Such a beautiful blessing. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Beauty

I've been spending many mornings admiring the beauty of fall. The simplicity of this season is so comforting, and it's beauty is breath taking.

 I love how the trees seem to glow.

 And the bits of red that remind me that winter will be here soon.

Even inside we have a sense of calm play. Gearing up for days spent inside staying cozy and warm.

Our kitchen is the the heart of our home, and it doesn't lack the small touches of fall that make this room an even more pleasant one.

I hope you are taking moments to stop and enjoy the changing seasons. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nature Walk and Craft

We aren't the best at nature studies, but I have been trying to get out intentionally for exploration at least once a week.

We noticed the difference in the blooms on the liriopi.

 We had to bring a football along of course...?

 Admired reflections.
 And the beauty of the sun in the trees!

We collected sticks and leaves and made a frame and a little deer friend. Can't wait to see all those trees turn colors of the leaves we found!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I have been trying to work on the way I dress lately. I was stuck in a rut and was feeling frumpy. My friend Liz posted about this as well (though I'm not sure that girl has ever looked frumpy a day in her life!) and she gave me what I needed to join in the What I wore Wednesday over at the Pleated Poppy. It's fun to get outfit ideas over there as well!

I'm don't take a lot of self portraits, so bear with me ha:

I'm wearing a silver sparkly top that I got for $2 at a yard sale. The brand is Kik It,  never heard of them. The sleeves are poofy and loose. 
Jeans from CATO.
Shoes Target Mossimo silver and black zebra stripe. 
I have simple earrings from SteinMart since I already have some sparkly going on. 
Here is a closer look at the sweater. 

Sprucing Up the House

We have a lot to of shelves in our house and I've been ignoring some of them. They were cluttered with stuff I didn't know what to do with so I just left it. Well, we've been here 5 months now and I was really sick of feeling like we just moved in while looking at those shelves. Oh, and quite sick of coming up with excuses like, I didn't have anything to organize or decorate them...come now?!

These shelves are above our fridge. You can see I had some candles and coffee filters etc up there. You know, just whatever.


I wanted it to look pretty, with pops of fall colors, so this is what I came up with. And the coffee and filters are in the basket on the left.

Then, in the back room we have this little computer area that I barely have a picture of because it just wasn't nice, but you can see the chords etc on the shelf above. Pretty much what it all looked like.


Chords in baskets, books and papers in the crate, and printables I had printed for free online a few months ago, but never used. I think it looks much better and feels better too! I also framed a painting of the sun that Brighton did a few weeks ago. Brightens up the spot a bit!

We Are That Family


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