Monday, April 25, 2011

Simply Gratitude

341. weekends with friends
342. digging deeper in His word
343. much needed Monday. a time to fall back into routine.
344. celebration of our Savior!
345. waiting on a spring thunderstorm
346. afternoon nap
347. Sunday roast at parents'
348. amazon packages at the door...=]
349. mornings at the park
350. saving money on groceries
351. rest after a long, hard day
352. feeling inspired again
353. pulling out shorts and flip flops
354. dresses...for me
355. a wonderful parent teacher conference
356. getting back on the rails


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Reading and Plans

Our weekend starts today! I'm am so overwhelmed with today, I'm very excited to have my sweet husband home.

Today I baked my sweet friend's homemade bread bread. It is wonderful!
I also made some jam to go with it. Yum.

I surfed blog land a while and found some of the most fun ideas! All posted in my ever changing list of fun and inspiring things------------------------>

Tonight the boys are watching Nascar, while I retreat to my room with good books and movies!!

I have a special blog post, that I can't seem to get posted. Soon.

Tomorrow is rather busy for us. I think that's okay on occasion. I am one who purposely keeps our schedule open to practice the art of doing nothing. Slow living. But tomorrow is busy for us. *Volunteering in the nursery.* Church after that. *Jaiden's invited to a party from a kid in his class!! This is the 2nd time for him! *And possibly a Gospel Meeting with my cousins in the evening.

Monday? Date night with the love of my life!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and check out my sidebar if you need some extra reading.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A 30 Day Challenge

I'm always up for a challenge. I hardly ever finish them, but this year my goal is to finish what I start. That's maybe why I've hesitated to actually say anything about this challenge....subconsciously I'm not sure I even want to start this one...much less finish it!

BUT after reading Meg's post this morning and the link she shared, I thought NOW is the time. You see when I think about working out, I feel I'm the only one having to do this or  the only one dreading it every morning, but after reading her post and comments I realized that almost everyone feels the same as me. The difference is the ones who actually push through that and stick with it aren't the ones who just LOVE to work out, they're the ones who...well pushed through!

I want to be one of the ones to push through. To finish.

30 Days. Finish.

So here I am. April 1 (well the 2nd). I already own 30 Day Shred. So that's the one I'm using. I will wake up every morning and drag myself  happily shred. And if I don't...well I get to tell you all on May 1 how I just ignored Jillian and turned the dvd over as I walked on past her every morning stuffing my face with blueberry muffins. And that would be embarrassing.

 So here we go. A 30 day challenge. An opportunity to change and challenge my body...oh and ride in my handsome husband's boat while he stares at his rock star of a wife! I think I'm up for that *grin*

Let's do this!


Friday, April 1, 2011

A Nature Walkin' Kind of Day

I haven't updated on our home school lately. Some weeks we seem to average 2-3 days instead of 4... We love spring and have been studying birds, trees, clouds, and butterflies.

We got our caterpillars in a jar and the boys just LOVE watching them and learning more about the life cycle of a butterfly. (I will take and post pictures of that next week)

While doing lessons with Tibby, I let Brighton work on trays I have with activities on them. I set up 5 trays but sometimes one just seems enough.
Using different color objects to put in our kaleidoscope.



Sharing with brother.

This is what we saw!

We read some books.

Checked on our plants.

After science, writing, and math we headed out for a nature walk.
Bella checking out the falling blossoms.



We were on a mission! The boys enjoyed searching for the items on their nature walk scavenger hunt.




All the colors were breath taking!


And a lovely pose from the nature walkn' scavenger hunters!



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