Monday, April 25, 2011

Simply Gratitude

341. weekends with friends
342. digging deeper in His word
343. much needed Monday. a time to fall back into routine.
344. celebration of our Savior!
345. waiting on a spring thunderstorm
346. afternoon nap
347. Sunday roast at parents'
348. amazon packages at the door...=]
349. mornings at the park
350. saving money on groceries
351. rest after a long, hard day
352. feeling inspired again
353. pulling out shorts and flip flops
354. dresses...for me
355. a wonderful parent teacher conference
356. getting back on the rails


4 comments: said...

A Sunday roast sounds good. :)


stacey said...

Sweet simplicity and gratitude! Beautiful!

Mom2three said...

I love your simple gratitude! Time with friends, a Sunday roast, and routine - and the flip flops say comfort.

Heather said...

Waiting for a spring storm here too. I'm actually comforted by them now after being delivered of the fear of them. Loved seeing that as gratitude from you. That comforts me too and reminds me of His grace. He cares about the little-big things :)


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