Saturday, April 2, 2011

A 30 Day Challenge

I'm always up for a challenge. I hardly ever finish them, but this year my goal is to finish what I start. That's maybe why I've hesitated to actually say anything about this challenge....subconsciously I'm not sure I even want to start this one...much less finish it!

BUT after reading Meg's post this morning and the link she shared, I thought NOW is the time. You see when I think about working out, I feel I'm the only one having to do this or  the only one dreading it every morning, but after reading her post and comments I realized that almost everyone feels the same as me. The difference is the ones who actually push through that and stick with it aren't the ones who just LOVE to work out, they're the ones who...well pushed through!

I want to be one of the ones to push through. To finish.

30 Days. Finish.

So here I am. April 1 (well the 2nd). I already own 30 Day Shred. So that's the one I'm using. I will wake up every morning and drag myself  happily shred. And if I don't...well I get to tell you all on May 1 how I just ignored Jillian and turned the dvd over as I walked on past her every morning stuffing my face with blueberry muffins. And that would be embarrassing.

 So here we go. A 30 day challenge. An opportunity to change and challenge my body...oh and ride in my handsome husband's boat while he stares at his rock star of a wife! I think I'm up for that *grin*

Let's do this!



Heather said...

Oh my goodness! You're so funny!
You look great NOW!
I'm laughing because I felt the same way when I read that post yesterday :)
Will I do it? Hmmmmm.... probably not.
I'll just watch you and see what happens LOL!

Amy said...

I love 30 day shred! I'll be honest; looking hot for my husband is #1 reason I work out too ;)


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