Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, this week has been a crazy one. I have overslept 3 days this week! Good grief, I think we need to SLOW down a bit. God didn't create us to be tired, overwhelmed, grumpy, and frazzled. I believe He created us to be rested and to rest in Him, to take things on day at a time, to fill our moments with living, and to feel at peace and with joy! Its time to focus on priorities and learn to let the "other" things go. It will be okay. To end my hectic week, and to kick start my being focused, I am headed to Santa Fe NM, to regroup, spend some time with a great friend, and doing what a girl does! Have a blessed weekend, and I pray you don't let yourself get overwhelmed, but to sit and enjoy what God has given you and to feel refreshed! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We went to the pumpkinn patch!

It was COLD
We really need to fix those shutters.
We will actually head to the reall pumpkin patch one of these weekends when Jai can be there and is not in school. Hopefully we'll get it in, cause
I'm headed on a NO BOYS trip to Santa Fe NM soon!! =]

Fall is in the air!

We went for a walk, and man it was beautiful!
We had no agenda, so we expored and found all the signs of fall!
We were gone for over an hour, when the weather started to get COLD and rainy.
So we went home where it was nice and cozy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our entry and floors!

Still need to hang some stuff and add baseboards, but here it is! We did it ourselves...the floor we did through the house is 1000sf. Plus my hubby pulled up a lot of tile. Poor man!


Just some images around the house! I love fall!
Decorating, fire in the fireplace, sweaters, blankets, hot chocolate, and yummy food!
Trips to the pumpkin patch and hopefully the apple orchard! Oh and planning our almost 5 yr old's birthday!

Learning outside!

They had a delightful time learning outside. Its now beginning to stay cooler, so we are working more inside, but still enjoying the outdoors as much as we can...even if we need a jacket and umbrella!

Shimp Boil! (still catching up)

I'd say it was pretty good! Have at it!
My boys LOVED their cousins' drums....

Beautiful Utah!

I want this house.
Our friend's cozy little cottage. What a treat!
We had lunch and enjoyed a relaxing day nestled in the mountains of Utah. Wow! God's creation is breathtaking!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Catching Up

Part one of our vacation to Denver. This is the Denver Aquarium.
I want to make this more of a habit, even if no one reads this, I love to write and post pictures. So I will be going backwards a bit with my pictures, just until I catch up!


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