Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, this week has been a crazy one. I have overslept 3 days this week! Good grief, I think we need to SLOW down a bit. God didn't create us to be tired, overwhelmed, grumpy, and frazzled. I believe He created us to be rested and to rest in Him, to take things on day at a time, to fill our moments with living, and to feel at peace and with joy! Its time to focus on priorities and learn to let the "other" things go. It will be okay. To end my hectic week, and to kick start my being focused, I am headed to Santa Fe NM, to regroup, spend some time with a great friend, and doing what a girl does! Have a blessed weekend, and I pray you don't let yourself get overwhelmed, but to sit and enjoy what God has given you and to feel refreshed! Enjoy!

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Lissa said...

Oh! I hope you had a wonderful time!!! Yes! I agree with this post! God didn't send his son so that we could be all stressed out! He sent him so that we could have peace! :)


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