Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finding Each Blessing In Summertime

Well, this summer has started with a bang! It has been a blast so far, and we have done so much on our list. I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed a summer so much. We've done so much, but all at the same time, we have lingering days that are hot. So hot you even feel the sting of the sun when you step outside and you're standing in the shade of a maple tree. On these days we eat popsicles that slowly drip down little boy hands, arms, then on to their bellies, and finally sliding off the stick to make a puddle of orange and cream on the sizzling sidewalk. Then, I look up to see the littlest reach down and grab that orange puddle to savor every last bit he can get before it's gone. That's gross. I know.

Spending time in fellowship with friends and family is one of my favorite things. We had the honor of spending an evening with new friends who pray for us, who call to see if there is anything they can do, and whose teenage son spent several hours entertaining our boys in the swimming pool and playing an endless game of hide and seek. He truly set and example to our boys on how to be friends with everyone (even if they are 10 years younger than you).

Tibby is almost finished with soccer. This has been the most incredible season for him. As I sit back and watch this boy show his uniqueness, his role in leadership, and his confidence explode, I can't help but burst inside at this baby of mine turning into a boy. He loves the sport; he plays well and he plays fair. He will score 9 points, but would never take a ball from you if you were going for it first. He will also be your biggest fan as he sits on the sidelines red faced and dripping in sweat all while waiting to get back out there and work as hard as he possibly can.
(I'm sure you can guess which one he is with those red socks he just had to have, because after all, red is his favorite color).
After all that hard work, we headed to our first baseball game of the year all while singing (and trying to figure out the words to) take me out to the ball game. And you should of seen the expression on those little faces when they heard it over the speaker at the game! Priceless.
There is my backwards hat baby, chatting it up with the Armadillo. This is one of the last pictures I may have of that boy wearing his hat this way.  The next day he turned the hat around, and has been wearing it that way ever since.

A few days later we headed to Boston, and I tell you what. That place stole my heart.

Now, get ready for this. I have never seen/been to the ocean until we made this trip. SO, we headed to Cape Cod for a quiet afternoon of taking it all in.

Pure heaven. The smell, the sound, the vastness of it all. It was love at first sight. Somewhere I've always longed to be, and it made me feel right at home, like I belonged there. The water was cold, but I just had to feel it wash over my toes. I had to breathe in every last detail and feel that water in that ocean created by the same Creator that created me. Stunning.

We then headed to the sweetest little church I ever did see, to begin the celebration of friends and witnessing their love.
And the houses? Oh the houses! I dream of homes like these, I adore their charm, their character, and the care that seems to be put in to each one.
(photo taken while we were driving of course)
AND my favorite. I have always wanted a two story, white house, with black shutters. Take it in with me will you?
Do you love it as much as I do? I tried to convince my husband that I needed it, but he sadly is not moved by the "princess syndrome"
The next day we headed to the Harbor for a fast and furious speed boating adventure, some souvenir shopping, and a nice lunch of lobster rolls on a nearby cafe's patio as it started raining.
Hmmm. I never noticed the building turning my sweet husband into Alfalfa.
Oh Boston, how I loved thee, but I do have to say what a treat is was to come home to our flat, treeless prairie just in time to watch a Texas sunset and  thunderstorm rolling in. I showed the beauty of Boston, now I'll share the sacred beauty that's deep in the heart of Texas and right out my front door. It really is good to be home.
The picture painted on the canvas sky just for His children to enjoy. The colors He chose were brilliant! The sun blazing behind the trees. Yes, it could only be from Him. The One who placed that sun in the sky.The One who sends that wind to kiss your face.The One who give us magnificent light shows flashing through the sky. The One who sings to you with the rolling thunder and the drip drop of the rain. The One who loves with His blood that was shed so that we could be forever right where we should be.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blessings Flow

We have had just the most lovely weekend. We spent time with friends, went swimming, soccer games, Preschool graduation and party, and a baseball game.  We are diving into summertime and enjoying every single minute of it! (Well most minutes of it).

I am so very thankful to feel this blessed (97.) and God is filling me with joy and it's overflowing! (98.)

99.  making new friends that feel like family
100. seeing the blessing in having teenagers raised in a godly home
101. the anticipation of spending 4 whole days with my best friend. All to myself.
102. cleaning house before vacation
103. laughing hard with the one you love
104. watching Tibby cheer his team mates on
105. God's blessing as my husband finishes his 4 week training!
106. having enough =]

holy experience

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Romans 14:17

Enjoying the Days

This past week was packed with freinds, family, weddings, birthday parties, and Memorial Day Celebrations. It was just plain FUN!

God is teaching me to enjoy these times. You see, I grew up in a home that only had granparents over and occasionaly friends. We never really went out to do much of anything (unless it was our yearly vacation). Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful childhood and very loving parents. The social aspect, well was lacking a bit. I on the other hand, loved being around people and enjoying their company, and remember on many occasions wondering why my family didn't enjoy that as much as me.

Well, I think that finally all caught up to me. After having a baby and getting married at such a young age, my friends all started college as I started a family. I had no friends really, and got quite comfortable in my own little hermit world full of anxieties and some depression as it started sinking in. I didn't enjoy having people over much, my house wasn't "clean" enough, my mood wasn't good enough,  my food wasn't tasty enough to have others over.

Can you just see the selfishness, lies,  and pride in all of that? Oh and my biggest excuse of all...we have a special needs child and they might just not understand. Ok, first of all. That child is just the sweetest, most lovable, smiley, and social little 8 yr old around. He doesn't seem to mind that he is different, and my friends? Well, they adore him! They speak to him, humor him in his silly games or obsession with the tv. They don't seem to mind at all. It must of been just me. That's right me.

As I've been on my journey and choosing life, God has opened the doors of new friendships, seeing old friends, stepping out of my comfort zone, leaving my little abode here in TX and going across the country with my husband and NO kids (which we've NEVER been without kids for more than a night in 8 years), welcoming family in town that we haven't seen in years, and much more.

He is slowly turning me back into the friend and people loving person He made me to be.

Ususally a week packed full with a wedding, soccer games, family in town, Anniversary, projects, birthday party, more family in town, camping, cookouts, and an afternoon swimmimg at friends would have sent me in a frenzy. He helped me sail right through. AND enjoy everyone in the process!

God is good. He hears our prayers, He restores, and leads us if we allow Him too. He made people and wants us to enjoy eachother in friendships and family in HIM.

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