Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Enjoying the Days

This past week was packed with freinds, family, weddings, birthday parties, and Memorial Day Celebrations. It was just plain FUN!

God is teaching me to enjoy these times. You see, I grew up in a home that only had granparents over and occasionaly friends. We never really went out to do much of anything (unless it was our yearly vacation). Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful childhood and very loving parents. The social aspect, well was lacking a bit. I on the other hand, loved being around people and enjoying their company, and remember on many occasions wondering why my family didn't enjoy that as much as me.

Well, I think that finally all caught up to me. After having a baby and getting married at such a young age, my friends all started college as I started a family. I had no friends really, and got quite comfortable in my own little hermit world full of anxieties and some depression as it started sinking in. I didn't enjoy having people over much, my house wasn't "clean" enough, my mood wasn't good enough,  my food wasn't tasty enough to have others over.

Can you just see the selfishness, lies,  and pride in all of that? Oh and my biggest excuse of all...we have a special needs child and they might just not understand. Ok, first of all. That child is just the sweetest, most lovable, smiley, and social little 8 yr old around. He doesn't seem to mind that he is different, and my friends? Well, they adore him! They speak to him, humor him in his silly games or obsession with the tv. They don't seem to mind at all. It must of been just me. That's right me.

As I've been on my journey and choosing life, God has opened the doors of new friendships, seeing old friends, stepping out of my comfort zone, leaving my little abode here in TX and going across the country with my husband and NO kids (which we've NEVER been without kids for more than a night in 8 years), welcoming family in town that we haven't seen in years, and much more.

He is slowly turning me back into the friend and people loving person He made me to be.

Ususally a week packed full with a wedding, soccer games, family in town, Anniversary, projects, birthday party, more family in town, camping, cookouts, and an afternoon swimmimg at friends would have sent me in a frenzy. He helped me sail right through. AND enjoy everyone in the process!

God is good. He hears our prayers, He restores, and leads us if we allow Him too. He made people and wants us to enjoy eachother in friendships and family in HIM.

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