Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Ol Summertime

I can NOT believe it's almost August. Where is the summer going? Not to say we haven't had a lovely time, but I don't feel anywhere ready for it to end.

We have been spending the past week with family and friends, looking at solar cars, and camping and boating at the lake. It has just been a magical time (even though our lake trip resembled National Lampoon's Vacation a bit), even through that we knew we were blessed and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

I have been busy capturing memories and working really hard to get some photo books together for Christmas gifts. I just love finding moments that will bless others and that truly bless me also.

wow, this boy is sure getting big

i adore this shy giggle he has

i love that he let me do this mini photo shoot, and the fact that he has a bit of sauce on his face. that is just him.

Now, this kid is getting big too. he lost his his first tooth last week, and has another one ready to come out too. I'm not sure how this happened all of the sudden, last I remember he just started walking.

We headed to the local science center to see some solar cars made by teenagers across the country, and man were those things neat.

Then we headed to the lake for a few days. It really was a wonderful trip, and to make a long story short. Well, our boat died in the middle of the lake. No one was around, and we had to tie the boat up and hike. When Dan was tying the boat up, we realized that our cell phones were in his pocket...and he was in the water. Amazingly, when we came home and recharged them they worked perfectly! So, anyways, we hiked for about an hour, before someone drove up and gave us a ride back to camp. Then the sheriff (who was boating and helped us load all the kids up and such when we headed out on the lake to begin with) drove up..on duty just to make sure we got back okay. Our boat was still out on the lake, so he went and got his boat again and took Dan out to get it.

We decided to stay in good moods, because, well why not? And, it was great character training for our boys. It all turned out fine and we enjoyed our time there.

i adore this picture

of course he joins along =]

this one loved the sand

the next morning proved to be just as beautiful

good morning!

we headed to the playground and the boys were less than thrilled to discover it covered in these. but we fixed that.

one of my favorite shots

so....he stole my coke. a big no-no in our neck of the woods.

can't you just hear his "aaahhh" after a nice big gulp

We ended our evening walk with a trip into the small town's Drive-In theater to watch Karate Kid. We had the most fabulous time on this little trip. I can't even describe how it felt to watch our boys explore God's world by digging their hands and feet in the sand, making up games, and splashing in the water, all while wearing themselves out completely ready for bed/nap time each day.  I enjoyed having my family all to my self for a few days with no one calling or texting and no where we had to be. (I get selfish like that sometimes)
Off to check off more of our summer list!
tuesdays unwrapped at cats

Sweet Shot Day

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Blessings

122. lazy summer days

123. weekend napping, when all is still
124. finding a huge set of Fisher Price Little People and garage and shops (very dirty) at a yard sale for $2. my boys have been playing with this set from the 80's for hours at a time

125. the power of prayer on your knees
126. reading an old favorite
127. teaching our boys to swim
128. camp food and smores

129. date night
130. getting home school stuff ready!
131. the amazon packages full of curriculum and books waiting on the doorsteps
132. God given inspiration to be the best I can for all of my boys, but especially the one with autism, and to make his story better
133. finding rest

134. summer storms
135. clean sheets
136. summer breeze

holy experience

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Napping

When all is quiet and still around our home, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation. Feeling the sun peek through the curtained windows as I lay on freshly washed cotton. I look around the house and find traces of little boys. I realize how thankful I am to have those little ones that keep our home full of life. And I'm thankful that at this moment, all is quiet, and that I have time to spend in this moment.


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