Monday, July 12, 2010

Recognizing His Love

God has given us so much, He is so faithful to the ones who love Him, it's completely overwhelming to feel His love as it surrounds us. I am simply in awe and in love.

107. His unconditional love and ability to see us as new as an innocent baby.
108. knowing He sees the desires of my heart
109. little boys playing with cars in the other room
110. rain pouring down and washing His creation clean
111. wonderful holiday to celebrate our freedom
112. letting go of old friends, and knowing it was time
113. flirting with the man I love
114. friends new and old
115. finally enjoying the silence after a long, hard day
116. my grandpa blessing my dad and showing him he loves him
117. planning wild and crazy vacations, while most kids are in school =]
118. a fantastic line up of books and curriculum to help our year be saturated with learning and activities
119. character building
120. seeing familiar faces
121. healthy and fresh food

holy experience


Annesta said...

I join you in gratitude for His unconditional love and for what that knowledge does to us; for flirting with your man and for healthy and fresh food.

-t- said...

Snails & puppy dog tails- love it!

Great list. I especially appreciate #113; I hadn't stopped to think about how often hubby & I flirt with one another & how thankful I am!

Thanks :)

Laura said...

I echo your thanks for rain and for healthy/fresh food! Great list. :)

Anonymous said...

I echo your thanks for rain and for healthy/fresh food! Great list. :)


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