Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up and The Summer List!

This week has been just really great. We all went Monday night as a family to be prayed over (mostly J and I were prayed over because of the behaviors he has been having and my emotional state) Well God hears us for sure and the week has been blessed!

Saturday was Tibby's first soccer game, they won and he scored 2 points! Sunday, they won again, and he scored 3!  He is really having so much fun and doing so well. (My camera is slowly crashing on me, so I have very few pictures)

We had family come in from Copenhagen, Denmark, and we had such a lovely time! So for geography this week, we looked up Denmark, learned to say "thank you for the food"  is"tak for mad" really not sure that is spelled correctly. We also read a Noodlehead story from Denmark (one that my husband's family told him when he was little).  Tons of fun!

I learned some new therapy based ideas and incorporated them into our days. It is GREAT stuff, and really simple to do.

We've played Sum Swamp  daily for math and it is such a fun way to do math! Tibby is really having a great time with it, and I'm impressed how much he is catching on.

The other night, Tibby asked if we could take his traning wheels off of his bike, so we did, and he was gone! Riding like a pro! We are all so very excited!!

Today, we headed out for a day at my grandparent's house. We fed birds and did some bird watching. The boys were really facinated with all the birds that came to feast. We sat in their sunroom with binoculars watching and waiting as they enjoyed their snack.

Then, my aunt called to see if we wanted to stop by and let the boys watch a man load their storage shed on a trailer to move to the farm (used to be my dad's farm, but he sold it to my uncle). So, my grandpa, the boys, and I loaded up and went over there and watched the man do just that. The boys thought that was just terrific. We also spent the time over there exploring their yard.

When we got back to my grandparent's house, my grandma had made up some lunch with what she had on hand and made a homemade Osgood pie.  It's something I will always cherish, beacuse I know their time is getting shorter, as they are having many health problems and can't seem to get out much anymore. We have decided to spend a day there each week until we can't anymore.

It has simply been a beautiful week.

Now. On to THE LIST. Our 2010 Summer List!

Make smore's in the backyard. Pool. Picnic. Bowling. Library/reading program. Walks and bike rides. Feed ducks. Zoo. Eat breakfast/lunch outside. Free movies at the theater. Make bird feeders. Camp on trampoline. Flashlight walk. Movie night outside. Wonderland. Explore small nearby towns. Ice cream from the ice cream truck. Take flowers to grandparents. VBS. Lowes workshops. Wash car. Baseball game. Summer music concerts. Snowcones. Cold watermelon on the trampoline. Watch sunrise/sunset. sprinkler. Farmer's Market. One on one dates. Fresh summer salads. Homemade icecream. Annual water gun fight. Discovery Center. Strawberry Pie. Fireworks. Fruit pizza. Science nights.Stargaze. Toy Story 3! Learn about trains.Learn to skate. Watch the clouds. Buy this game for my checkers champ (and play in the grass)

I just love summertime.

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emily wierenga said...

so glad you had such a good week!


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