Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thrifty Finds....Finally Made a Chalkboard

I absolutely love garage sale season. I go every single chance I get! We went this last weekend and found so much that I had on my list. I was beyond excited! (My husband even came along, and he found some great skis and a bike rack.....so he was happy)

Ok, please excuse the fact that EVERY picture I take has to be outside or by a certain window in this house. My camara is slowly giving up on me and I'm saving for my dream camra (which HOPEFULLY I'll have in the next few weeks before we head to Boston/Cape Cod!!) pssst, let me let you in on a little secret. I have NEVER been to the beach. FINALLY, I get to go!

Okay, on to the garage sale finds. I don't have pictures of everything because of the camera situation, but we got a small chippy green desk for $20, a ton of books (maybe close to 30) half that were on my wishlist for school, white cutains some lady had made out of a twin size bedspread/blanket for $3 (they are beautiful), an old leather suitcase for decoration in really good shape, old BALL mason jars (the blue ones), a big frame (to make a chalkboard), and another jar/pitcher that I'm currently using as a vase for some lovely flowers that brighten up our home.

Here are the curtains with the best picture I could get out of the light I had. They really are pretty, and for $3!

The frame. Oh the $3 frame, I had been hunting for! Just a big empty frame that we put a piece of board in and painted with chalkboard paint now hangs in our kitchen. I LOVE it!

And the BALL jars that I plan to use one for beautiful flowers from the garden and the small one for this project that I fell in love with instantly.

Thats all of my finds for the weekend, I am so thankful to have found a lot of stuff I had on my list. The hunt is so much fun!



Jennifer Juniper said...

You found so much great stuff!

Amy Bowman said...

I just love this chalkboard, and love the verse you chose to write on it! Thanks so much for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!" Hope to see you again tomorrow!

Meet Virginia said...

Too cute! I love all your great stuff!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!


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