Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Nature Study

We've been doing some nature studies around here. We have all enoyed it so much. We spend a lot of our time outside these days. The boys drew a picture of the tree they we observing. Since J doesn't really draw, I told him to tell me the colors of the tree and "draw" it. That is his tree above. I am SO proud of his coloring! When we took him out of school last semester he had a goal on his IEP to color for 15 seconds by himself. He has had that same goal for two YEARS. HeHe NOW can sit and color on his own for about 10 MINUTES at a time!! So proud of him.  We also did leaf prints of their tree's leaves.  (above)
Tibby has been working so hard. He loves to draw. He would draw all day every day if we would let him.

J is still doing really well and he is still just so very happy. I told him to let me take his picture and he bent down and said "CHEESE!" It really cracked me up and I loved how "in tune" he was with what I was asking him to do.

B rides his tricycle all over the block. Being only two years old, he is the only one of our boys to ride his trike and scooter like he was five. It's quite a site to see such a little man going so fast! He has to keep up with his brothers of course.

We also headed to the Canyon one beautiful afternoon for some nature study, a picnic, and water play!

It was absolutely beautiful down there! We ate our lunch and then layed a blanket out and read Bible stories, observed cactus and plants, and watched the birds plating and enjoying their treats we left them.

Ok, these are some WONDERFUL cookies! We bought them at World Market and they are made in Austrailia. They are just delish! We buy the rest our food at a Natural/Organic grocer here in our town. It is pretty expensive to buy EVERY single thing from there, but as we've prayed about it,   we feel that after our giving and shelter, what we put in our bodies is the next most important thing to spend our money on. I can't describe how incredible it feels to feed our family with fresh in season organic food. And cooking with it is such a delight! It took me a few years to convince my husband, but after watching Food Inc. he was on board! God has actually had His hand on this and has helped me find ways to get our budget to about what it used to be! (I'll share more on that soon) So, anyways, the sandwich was Applegate Farm's turkey and their turkey bacon, some romaine lettuce, and Vermont sharp cheese, on a loaf of organic honey and oat bread.  The tea...oh the TEA! Sweet Leaf is such a treat to get. I especially love the Pomegranate!

There is my cutey-patutey bunch...minus one. He is over here with me...

We found a chip shaped like a heart and Tibby just had to get a picture...
along with a silly face I guess?
Ok. The birds. How sweet they were! We had the pleasure of sharing out company with 3 Cardinals and 2 Woodpeckers. The boys gave them their leftover sandwiches and they were HAPPY!
Aren't they just beautiful!?
Then we headed to the creek (water crossing) and the boys rode their bikes in and out of the water for an hour or so. I took my shoes off and let the cool water rush over my feet, and of course had to be the red and green light for the boys...of course! My camera battery died so I didn't get pictures of all that, but we have really enjoyed getting to know and enjoy God's creation! He is such an amazing Creator!

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