Monday, May 3, 2010

Giving Thanks Through Everything

This past weekend was really so nice. We filled it with togetherness outside, fabulous garage sale finds, and house parading.

I have been thinking and praying hard and I feel Him. I feel God leading me to be the daughter, wife, mom, and teacher He had in mind in the first place. Its a long hard journey, but non-the-less one to be thankful for.

41. a house full of messy boys to serve and love
42. a book I will forever cherish
43. a 2 1/2 hour battle with me extra time with my son
44. taking an extra long school break just to play with playdough
45. a two year old's excitement and caution when introduced to his new potty chair
46. a clean car....a car to clean
47. a creative Maker
48. 4 days of soccer a week
49. realizing that my son who is gaining the muscle and fine motor skills to write on his own already knows how to spell the words we are asking him to practice
50. sales on organic food
51. Choosing Life
52. vacation days
53. a five year old's helpful insight, "mom, if you ever want to fix your car, you will need to break it first."
54. watching a boy take his dishes to the sink when he is done without being asked
55. having to remind another boy everytime to take his dishes when he is done
56. a thunderstorm that only lasts 2 minutes
57. Moday's cleaning day, having a home to clean
58. playdough cookies, much less fattening!
59. little shoes and cars on the floor
60. pride beaming in a boy that did something new on his own
61. the littlest boy only wearing his hat backwards every place we go

holy experience

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Camille said...

Great list today! I hopped over from Heather @ This Journey's blog...lovely to "meet" you! I have three boys too...I "get" much of your list! LOL...a boy who clears the table without being asked...and one who always needs reminding! :) Fun times...and God is so Good to give us this perspective.

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. Interesting you say you had a two minute storm...we just had a two minute hail storm this morning and then bright sun! Strange weather this time of year! :)


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