Monday, June 7, 2010

Blessings Flow

We have had just the most lovely weekend. We spent time with friends, went swimming, soccer games, Preschool graduation and party, and a baseball game.  We are diving into summertime and enjoying every single minute of it! (Well most minutes of it).

I am so very thankful to feel this blessed (97.) and God is filling me with joy and it's overflowing! (98.)

99.  making new friends that feel like family
100. seeing the blessing in having teenagers raised in a godly home
101. the anticipation of spending 4 whole days with my best friend. All to myself.
102. cleaning house before vacation
103. laughing hard with the one you love
104. watching Tibby cheer his team mates on
105. God's blessing as my husband finishes his 4 week training!
106. having enough =]

holy experience

1 comment:

emily wierenga said...

i hope you had a lovely vacation!


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