Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A First Birthday at 9 years old

Jaiden turned 9 on Sunday. That morning he woke not having so much as a clue it was his birthday. This was not surprise to us. His daddy woke up at 6:30 to get him his favorite donuts, and we piled them high and stuck candles in and sang a lovely Happy Birthday tune (to which Tibby says always makes him laugh). I personally don't think we sound all that bad =]
But, in the middle of the song, it clicked. For the first time in this 9 year old boy's life, he realized it was HIS birthday.

We headed to church where some had seen on my facebook that it was his birthday, so they all sang to him. He was thrilled about that! We then took him to Red Robin for lunch. He loves that place. When you tell them it is someone's birthday, they make sure everyone knows it. They all came over to sing to him and bring him a sundae. I didn't have a camera to capture this moment, but it is forever in my mind. His smile was bigger than I have ever seen, he was so overwhelmed with excitement, I could tell he could barely breathe. He covered his grin with his hands, and though it was loud with all the singing to him, I could hear him squeal with excitement.

I never looked at the people around us, I didn't even hear the words of the song they were singing. I was doing a  laugh-cry, about to burst because this is the most precious moment I've ever witnessed in my life with him. He was happy, and I was so so happy for him.

When they were done, his daddy looked at me in the same bursting emotion I had, and asked "did you see that?"

We took him to  see Voyage of The Dawn Treader (Narnia) which of course he enjoyed When we came home, I made a cake, ordered the pizza he requested and we all piled in the living room for an evening family party just for him.

Happy Birthday sweet boy. You light up the world.  


Rachelle said...

Oh Jeana! What a precious post. It made me cry-laugh too. Happy 1st/9th birthday baby boy! What a treasure.

Michelle said...

love. happy happy tears! love you and your family Jeana! you are an AMAZING mom! have I told you that before? ;-)

Km said...

Happy happy birthday to one amazing little man!!! He may not remember all the tiny and beautiful details of his day... But he will always remember how SPECIAL you made him feel!

Chef Penny said...

yay Jaiden! I love this memory and remember so well when Logan first did that. Great job recognizing the little moments! I love this post!


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