Wednesday, October 5, 2011

School Update

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've posted updates on school. Doesn't mean we haven't been busy though! I haven't gotten as much done as I had hoped every week, but it's been simple and fun.

For Preschool, we have been learning the letters C and D. For letter C, we focused on cookies and castles. We had so much fun reading these books. Our favorite for the week was Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar. I've been reading it to the boys since Jaiden (10) was 2, and they still LOVE it!


Brighton colored cookies that would go in the cookie jar.


He also did a cookie number match for number recognition. He did this much better than I ever thought he would...which shows me he knows more than I think he does!


For the letter D, we focused on ducks. We read Make Way for Ducklings (which they loved) and Five Little Ducks which all of our boys have always loved.


I cut out these sweet little ducks and let Brighton play and count along.


Don't know if you can tell from that picture, but Brighton fell on the tampoline and fractured a tooth at the root. They pulled his tooth and we're hoping the root dissolves so he won't have to have it cut out. It was scary with all the sreaming and blood, but he did remarkable through it all and at the dentist, he was perfect!

He has also been working on his colors and more counting and number recognition. I made these cards with dots on the numbers and let him place little markers on each for practice.


For first grade, we have been doing our Singapore math, Explode the Code, and Delightful Reading which are all going great! For History, we have been reading about Leif Ericson and Colombus. Tristin has absolutely loved these books and stories. We will be making a timeline notebook and history notebook, I hope to share soon!



Since we learned about Native Americans, I had Tristin try weaving with a loom. He caught on quickly and loved it, he made several little pot holders.



We started the book Family Math, which has many fabulous ideas for hands on "living' math. Tristin enjoys this so much, and I'm not even sure he realizes it's math. It has many levels, so I'm sure this book will be used for many years to come!


Tristin has also started soccer. He is wonderful at it, and this year we tried a little more competitive league. He was new to the team, but has quickly joined in and made new friends and works really hard. They all love him and he thanks God for them in his prayers every night.


This part of homeschooling happens to fall into the category of handicrafts and real life. Tristin threw a large tantrum last week and broke the boards that are holding up his bed (top bunk). He has been working away, saving money for the Cars 2 movie that he has to pay for on his own, but quickly learned a consequence to having a bad attitude and breaking things when he is mad. He had to use some of his money to buy new boards and help dad cut them and put them back under his bed.


Brighton had fun helping. He is SO silly!



Here is a picture of Jaiden since he isn't at home when we homeschool the other boys. I miss seeing his sweet face in these updates.


Today is beautiful out! It's cool and rainy. The windows are open letting a cool breeze in while I listen to the rain fall and the birds sing. It's dark inside so the lamps are turned on and a chicken is roasting in the crockpot. HELLO Fall!


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Heather said...

We are just about to read about Leif too :) Love your little button idea for numbers!


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