Sunday, August 30, 2009

update no.1

Ok, the first thing I want to share is that God has placed on mine and my hubby's heart is to homeschool. Yep. Homeschool. It is something He has been working on us with for YEARS, & I think I was trying to think of every excuse in the book, but in the end, they were all selfish excuses having nothing to do with the real issues and reasons God is wanting this for our boys. He finally made it loud and clear and since then thats where my heart has been. [Maybe thats why it was so hard for me to part with them this year at school] We are going to finish this year of preschool while I use the 3 days Tibby is home during the week to get in the homeschooling mode with him. NOW the big question is with the oldest...Jai, our precious little man with autism. How on earth would I possibly homeschool him? He is doing very well where he is. Since this has burdened my heart, God has opened up a whole new door in HIS own remarkable fashion, that I will share in update no. 2 a little later on. Its exciting, you don't want to miss it!! Sooooo, this year on the few days I am working on homeschoolig Tibby, I will let you in on what we're doing, share books, pictures, and projects. I am LOVING the Charlotte Manson method and will be using it this year and go from there. We are currently doing nature journals, learning scripture, reading, cooking, character qualities, Catechism, and tons of hands on projects. We spend most of our time doing this outside while its still warm, I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the end of summer (even though I do love fall) This month: I'm going right along with his preschool on this. Character Quality: Obedience- obeying the first time every time with a happy heart. Verse: Colossians 3:20 Children obey your parents in eveything, for this pleases the Lord. Devotional we're reading through: Lord Teach me to Pray for kids Kay Arthur

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Jessica said...

Good Luck in your Journey as a home school mother! I just started homeschooling this fall (daughter is in K) I am loving it wayyy more than I thought I would. I faught God on this for years (I was home schooled ) ha!


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