Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ready or not

That is the question....
Its time to load up the little one and drive across town, get Tibby, and back over here to get Jaiden.
I've enjoyed a simple laundry day, playing with the baby, and gathering my thoughts.
It doesn't happen often.
Jaiden is being quite the handful before and after school.
Of course he is excellent AT school all day!
I am going to do something I've always wanted to do:
make a fun and yummy snack when he gets home and just sit and visit with him.
We always do snack (like grab an apple or something) but i want to put more thought and love into his after school time (Tibby's too)
I'm thinking along the lines of homemade cookies, apples and fresh yogurt dip, veggie plate and ranch etc.
I want it there just waiting for their return.
We'll talk about their day, laugh, and just unwind.....at least it sounds pleasent!
I noticed yesterday, that he really needs time to unwind.
He comes home and gets very overwhelmed with what he "needs" and it all turns into a jumble and ends in a tantrum. Poor little guy. LORD, please show me how to make this transition easier on him AND me =]

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