Monday, April 8, 2013

Our School Day: Bible

I'd like to break down different aspects of our day, and write about how we do and what we use for each subject.

This is always the time of year for reflection and figuring out what is working and what is not. It is so nice when most things we use are falling into place.

We start our morning with Bible reading and scripture (plus poetry, days of the week for the preschooler) memorization.

I try to get this in at breakfast (7:30) so Jaiden is able to join us, but it hasn't been happening at that time lately. I'm trying to get back to that though.

We read through the Family Reading Bible together.

I love this Bible. Love it.  We've used it for 2 years. I was wanting to read the actual Word of God with the boys. Although I love the Jesus Storybook Bible for extra reading with Brighton, I just love the way The Family Reading Bible is the Bible. It has plans to read every day, and short questions to get you thinking about the verses you just read.

I have Tristin bring in his Adventure Bible to read along while I read The Family Bible aloud. This has been wonderful practice in his reading, and practice looking up Books and verses on his own. We are loving it!

I also use the Illustrated Bible to give them ideas of what the story we read may have looked like. This comes in handy at the end of the week because we try to do a Bible art project. They take what they remember learning from the week and draw it or paint it into one beautiful picture. They enjoy this project and are so excited to do it.

At the end of dinner most evening we try and do another Bible lesson. This is when I'm trying to include Plants Grown Up. We read verses together, and pick a few of the projects in the book to learn about a certain character trait. We're trying to learn 1 trait a month, to make sure they're getting it. it includes projects like writing out The Ten Commandments and posting them in your room, making your own If-Then chart by writing a list of offenses and then writing the scripture relating to the offense, and a lot of the projects are just digging more into scripture and seeing examples in the Bible.

There is a girl version of this study as well.

That's what we're doing now. There are some times I'll find a devotion or study that I'd like us all to do together. We usually do in in place of our breakfast reading. Right now I'm thinking about doing a summertime study using The Dig. They offer a free lapbook (over on GMG) to go along with the study. I thought it would make a great summertime study, since we normally don't do a lot of activities with our Bible reading.

 I'm considering  including Proverbs Study Guide (series) in next years Bible study.

Next up: Math

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Heather said...

Very cool to read, Jeana, the way you start your schedule. It's great that you try to add Jaiden into your Bible time. Meg does independent work and doesn't get included in ours each day. Perhaps we should get back to this.
Thanks for sharing!


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