Monday, March 22, 2010

A Day in Our Shoes

Oh wow, I'm so thrilled that spring has made its arrival! It seems like a new season brings on and new breath of air around here. I start feeling inspired and motivated all over again! We have been doing some really neat things in preperation for Easter (I am planning a whole post on that this week) I've never felt so amzingly grateful for Easter and its true meaning in my life, and its all thanks to a few things we've overlooked in the past, but are now including in our preperation for Easter.  Can't wait to share!

On a little bit different note, we have been busy and productive today. I am still winging the homeschool lessons a bit until we get a set curriculum and idea of exactly we want to do with each child. I have researched and looked at reviews of so much and think I've narrowed it down to some great material!

For right now, I am sorta making my own lesson plans and we're going with the flow (which is nice too)

Our day:

*I got up and did Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. Wow. Great workout!
*Took a shower (so nice since i got up way before the kiddos did and had time to shower!)
*Made bed, cleaned bathroom, started laundry
*Made oatmeal with cinnamon in it for the boys *while they made beds and unloaded the dishwasher
*Cleaned up and helped get eveyone dressed (J put on his own shirt with little assistance)
*We did our Bible lesson and memeory verses (Tibby wrote one of the verses for practice in writing)
*Worked with J on gripping his pencil to write his name (we did hand strengthening exercises and an ABA therapy type exercise to help him write)
*Tibby wrote in his gratitude journal
*Tibby and I did a reading lesson and he read on his own for 15 min
* We all reviewed J's sight words together (he got all of them right!! There are about 15 words he knows Tibby got them too!)
* We worked on the letter A (he knows them ok, but I want to make sure he recognizes them...Tibby likes all the stuff with this so he joins in)
*Had lunch and cleaned up
*We went outside for an hour and made a graph of sounds we heard, how many bugs, flowers, and birds we saw. We also collected fun stuff to look at and learn about.
*We came in and watched an episode of PBS' From the Top at Carnegie Hall
* We are getting dinner ready and baths before we read a chapter out of Charlotte's Web for the night.

This has really been a fantastic day! I am lovong this so much more than I ever thought I would! God knows what He is doing!!

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