Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Reflections

Easter has been on my mind for weeks now.  Since we are observing Lent for the first time this year, we have really spent so much more time reflecting on the true meaning of Easter. It's funny to me how many people find it weird that we do this since no one we know hardly does, but it has turned to be one of the biggest blessings in my life and I find myself already anxious and excited about next year!

  I'm having the hardest time this year finding a balance, but all I know is the TRUE meaning of Easter will be observed in our home MORE than the world's celebrations.

I have been amazed and in awe of Ann and her family over at Holy Experience. It's my absolute favorite blog,  just filled with the Holy Spirit! We have started some/most of the traditions they do in their home....I'll give you a little peek. WARNING: it WILL inspire you. Turn up your speakers too, the music is wonderful.

First of all, we have observed lent this year and we are also reading Devotions on this season. These devotionas and more were recommended by Ann, so we picked up two and have turned out to be some of our favorite reads. Devotions for Lent is a small easy to read daily devotional leading through the weeks of Lent. Reliving The Passion wow, honestly one of my favorite reads. I started it late, then my hubby stole it ;) so I will finish it after Easter, but that is ok. Its a wonderful daily devotion that I know I will be coming back to year after year! Next year I plan to read these aloud as a family.

We also started a Box of Repentences. We have a box with  a lid with paper and a pencil. When we need to ask for forgiveness and repent we go to the box write it down and pray. We put it in the box and on Easter we will burn  or throw it away symbolizing that Jesus has cast away our sins.

We are also using the menu she shares for our Messianic Seder Dinner

The boys and I started a journey this Easter to capture the story right out of the Bible, but to keep it where they would grasp all that was going on we used The Resurrection and we have ALL learned so much. Tibby remembers what we talked about and what has happed thus far in the story. I can see him really getting into it and asking tons of questions. This has been a really great experience for us.

We aren't putting a ton of effort in the other traditions out there as far as the Easter Bunny and eggs and candy go, but we are doing a few things like: dying eggs....the natural way. I thought this would be a fun experiment for the boys. (Down at the end of the post)

We are also going to make a cake with GIANT sprinkles in pastel colors I found at TJMaxx.

We aren't going to get anything really for the boys. We usually put a bunch of goodies in their Easter baskets. Candy, books, cds etc. This year I feel :

1. we don't need candy (the cake is fun and plenty)
2. we don't need stuff

Just that simple. We are on a journy to simplifying our lives and getting back to the basics. I mean it. Last week we filled 3 bags with toys to give away. We put a shelf in the boys' closet and put the remaining toys in baskets on the shelf. We made the old playroom a homeschool room. Filled with books, games, and soon arts and crafts. We are going to work on organizing our garage with bikes, balls, and outside toys. You know what? Our boys haven't missed them at all. They have a few toys (cars, blocks. and trains) that they love and bring out into the living room and put away when they're finished. The rest of our time is spent coloring, painting, outside, reading, and playing ball. We have also set a NO tv rule during the week (except on Friday movie night) and some on the weekend. We are really enjoying eachother so much. This season in our lives has been truly touched by the hand of God!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow, there is so much good stuff in this post!! I'm excited to try and fit some of these activities into our Easter happenings! Thanks for sharing this!!

Kristi Stephens said...

I love Ann Voskamp - she's like a superhero. :)

So glad to hear that you have been blessed by observing Lent - definitely something I wish more of us would do to focus our hearts, mourn our sin and its cost, and CELEBRATE the resurrection of our Lord Jesus!


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