Monday, August 2, 2010

Breathing His Name

I reflect on His beauty and His creativity. When I was a little girl, I would slip out of our home and walk. In the dark,  I would listen and talk. Just like chatting with a dear friend, and I was. All was quiet, all was still, and I knew I was in His presence.

As time went by, I grew away from these walks and this kind of reflection....until now. Now I realize that it was real, and I long for my first love. My first real friend.

In each new day we are meeting again. Just where we left off. I see more now than I ever thought possible. I feel and I see His presence.

137. just being
138. rowdy boys
139. finding who He made me to be
140. the excitement of a new school year
141. a boy learning to wait
142. finding our routine after a fun filled summer
143. people, loving them like Him
144. moving on
145. longing for Him
146. starting fresh
147. helping hands
148. loving what we have
149. an amazing husband
150. freshly bathed boys, slathered in peaches and cream lotion

holy experience

7 comments: said...

I like 137-just being. GOD didn't make us doers but beings. How quickly I forget that!


Misty said...

you remind me of my husband, who has often told me of his early faith and how "easy" it was, how natural, and how it's gotten harder over time and years and hurtsto remember the time when it jsut was. but i love that there is grace and a place to be loved in that space of remembering.

and yum, peaches and cream lotion on little boys? yes, please! :)

Stephanie said...

OH, you discovered walking with Him! I didn't discover this until I was 40 years old, but it changed my life. I was doing Beth Moore's "Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit", and through that study I realized I'd walked with Him for every reason but just for the enjoyment of it, so I just started showing up every day for a literal walk and praying, "Okay, Lord. I'm here. Show me." And He did, and it was...oh. It was beyond words. I still take walks with Him, just for the pleasure of it. My heart swells just as I type the words.

Thanks for your beautiful post. I have one son left at home. He's 12, and my husband and I are studying how to better teach him to be a Godly man. Voddie Baucham's book "What He Must Be" has been a treasure to us in this.

Beautiful photos, too. Glad I stopped by.

Kristen @ Moms Sharpening Moms said...

This is truly beautiful!

I love me some freshly bathed kiddos, too! :)

Craig and Bethany said...

#148, love it. I've got to practice that one more!

Lissa said...

so beautiful! I love the story of you walking with him and talking with him!

Rachel said...

I like your blog name it goes well with raising boys. I have two little nephews and the dynamics are so different than raising a girl and boy it has been fun for sure. I enjoyed reading your gratitude list lots to be thankful for and Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comments.


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