Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Week of School

We wrapped up our first week of school here and it was REALLY a lot of fun. The boys didn't seem too thrilled about it before we started, but right into the first few hours, Tibby saild, "this is the BEST school I've ever been to!" Even though he has only been to preschool, I went ahead and took it as a compliment!

(he is totally not paying attention, but did ok)

We read The Story About Ping and looked up China on our globe and the Yangtze River online

Then we packed our suitcase, passports, and grabbed our airplane tickets and headed to Africa.
The boys thought this was the most fun of the day.

The long flight proved to be pretty exhausting. =]

We studied Georgia O Keefe and did her flower art project from this book

The next day we headed to the museum to do some exploring. I loved watching the boys exploring the place and oh the questions they had!
He loved doing these puzzles and had to do every one...while racing to see who could do it the fastest =]
We had a fun time making homemade pizza, and man was it good!
He loved his reading/listening center. It really helps me do a few lessons with the other boys.
We did cave paintings from our ancient history lessons.
Finding things (and making a collage) that begin with the letter "F"

We also went to a birthday party and did our outdoor nature study that I will try and post about tomorrow. All in all, it was such a great week!

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Michelle said...

You are such a FABULOUS Momma! I enjoyed this post! (I had some how lost your blog, and I am enjoying catching up on it!)


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