Friday, June 10, 2011

Day At The Lake

The other morning we opted to keep Jaiden home from school (year round school) and pack up a picnic, life jackets, and the boat. We headed for the first lake trip of the season, and man did we have a good ol' time!

Of course, it wouldn't be a lake trip if our boat didn't die on us in the middle of nowhere OR we didn't get stuck. This time we got stuck. We were unloading the boat into the water and one of the trailer wheels just sunk right down into the sand... like quick sand. We tried everything we could think of, and the people who were parked next to us came in off the lake and offered to help us push our boat (which is NOT in the water at this point) into the lake so that our heavy load would be off the trailer. We pushed for about 5-10 minutes and the boat went in the water, and we easily pulled the trailer out of the sinking mud. Nice.

After that, we headed out for hours of boat riding and raft pulling fun.





Then we parked it on Sandy Beach and played and snacked for a while.




I was realizing that I was in a LOT of pain. You see, I did put on sunscreen, but right when I was in the middle of putting it on Brighton had to go potty. When that kid needs to go...well you'd better get going! I slathered the little bit of sunscreen on my hands on to my thighs and headed to the potty. When we came back, I forgot to finish my legs...SO needless to say almost three hours in the 103* sun I was in serious pain. I literally begged to go home...I couldn't stand it any longer.

So, we stopped at Dairy Queen and headed home. I've been in my pjs ever since. We DID happen to make one small stop. Stay tuned and I'll show you who we "ran" into... 

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Heather said...

Oh how fun!
Can we come next time? :)
We just LOVE boating. My husband and I grew up on boats and hope to have a small one SOMEDAY. What lovely memories they'll be, even if they entail hazards and sunburns :)


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