Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Small Entry Makeover

A few years ago, we put down a wood floor and spent hours painting our entry. Last year, I found a bench I loved, and put it in the entry.


THIS year, I wanted to add some color to it all. I searched garage sales and found a giant frame for $2.


I dug through some fabric I had on hand, and chose my favorite one. I recovered the bench pad, and chose a color from the fabric to paint the frame, leaving some of the natural wood to show through.


I added some pictures to the frame. (My handsome husband tells me everytime he walks in the entry how much he loves the frame and pictures...yay!)


And...the fabric. Bright and colorful.


So for under $5, we have a whole "new" entry. It has added color and has a playful touch that I love living in a house full of boys!


Phyllis said...


Heather said...

That is sooo great! You have great taste indeed. I'm coming down to go yard-sale-ing with YOU!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the blue frame update!

I'm giving away a Shabby Apple Dress today on my blog today here if you're interested.

Have a fab day!



Little Wife on the Prairie said...

I love it Jeana! So cute and cheap!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the post. :) Love how the picture frame turned out! Too cute!

erin said...

Ahhh. I love it!!! Where did you get that adorable fabric......I must run out and redo my entry way in the same exact colors! I LOVE IT!


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