Friday, August 19, 2011

A Boy Room

The boys wanted an orange room....(well, ONE boy wanted an orange room) I opted for an orange bedspread. Three boys in one room has certainly proved to be hard to decorate. We wanted it simple but playful.

I still need stuff on the walls, but I'd never get around to showing you if I waited until that was done, so here we go!

The room is a beautiful blue/aqua color. The furniture is black except the bedside table which I painted yellow and lined with a map. Still needs knobs.




You may be wondering how we fit 3 boys in this room. A few years ago we tore down the double closet and made a little more room.

This is what it looked like about 4 years ago...




We built a little, well organized closet at the end. And we painted the doors black. LOVE them!


And, if you look back the other way we have an old antique armoir from my parents house that we have used for art storage in the past, now hold their toys.


Design Dazzle

Keeping It Simple


Heather said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing.
You are sooo good at this stuff :)

Chef Penny said...

Fantasic job! I love it!


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