Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Links I love

It's been a while since I've posted links I love. I like to post links to things I want to go back to. I post new ones at times in the sidebar -------> but like to post some here as well.

I have been very into reading about parenting lately. Godly parenting, and of course raising boys to be men. I thought this post was very encouraging, and I'm glad I read it while my boys are the age they are. Aren't they such a blessing!?

Like I've mentioned earlier, we have felt strongly led to observe Sabbath (Shabbat), I had a few emails and comments about some of you being led to abserve it as well. I loved this post on how to prepare for The Day of Rest. Great tips!

I LOVE this post on simple way to decorate for less. I just love posts like this!

Dealing with Challenging Behavior? Sometimes it starts with you (me). I find this to be true too many times.

Need some outfit inspiration? I LOVE some these so much! I hunted down and ordered the maxi dress the second I saw it, can't wait until I can throw that outfit together! My favorites? The red and grey. The yellow and turquoise. The maxi dress with the boot of course! The purple and grey (love purple these days...someone even asked me if it was my favorite color) The green and IS my favorite color. Have fun looking!

Scripture memory doesn't need to be complicated. "Words take root in repetition"
This post about a man "His name is Helmer. He’s 86 years old. He carries a narrow-tooth comb in his front pocket, a work-worn Bible in his farmer hands, and Truth tucked deep into marrow." touched my heart. May it also touch yours?

I've often struggled with the "things" we own and why we own them. Why we even buy them to begin with. I am trying to learn a balance. I often get so consumed in how to live, that I don't stop amd think about why I live. This post led me to think about when we have enough.

I'm going to end on that note, I hope you all had a day FULL of blessings!

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