Monday, December 26, 2011

Cooking With Kids

I have received quite a few comments on here that appreciate my getting the boys in the kitchen with me, so I thought I would try and share more of what we do (when I remember to grab the camera)!

For Christmas, we bought them a set of the Curious Chef Knives, (I'll let you know what we think of them when we use them) and we got them the Kid's Fun and Healthy Cookbook.

After looking the book over, I can tell it will be a big hit! This morning we had left over Christmas ham, and decided to put our cookbook to the test. I asked Tristin to help me this morning. He quickly jumped in for the chance to cook breakfast for us!

We wanted to make the baked Eggs in Ham.


We lined our muffin tin with slices of ham and broke an egg to put in each one.



He set the timer and in 12 minutes we had breakfast!



The boys claimed this is one of the best breakfasts they've ever had! :) It is definitely a plus to have them help out!

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