Thursday, December 8, 2011


Yesterday, I posted gift ideas for the little ones in your life. Although those are fun, we always want to include our children in making, picking out, and delivering gifts for others.

It's importnant for them to know that it means so much others when we think of them.

Our city has a huge project every year that gives gifts and coats to kids all around our city that otherwise wouldn't have any. Last Saturday was our homeschool day to meet at the huge warehouse and fill the boxes and wrap them. Brighton was very sick and so we did not make it, but THIS Saturday our church is delivering some of those packages to the kids! We have signed up to help deliver, and are getting really excited!

I've mentioned this before, but World Vision also has a catalog filled with gifts that help children and families all over the world! These gifts include goats, chickens, cows, water, soccer balls, and much more. A wonderful way to give!

Then, we will be thinking of friends, family, and teachers/therapists. We are headed to the store tomorrow to pick up ingredients and supplies for all these fun treats! We are looking forward to spending the weekend together making these treats for our loved ones.

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