Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Ideas for Kids

It's the time of year when MANY gifts are given. In our house we have a birthday in October, one in December, Christmas, and a birthday in February. I don't like to buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff. I like gifts that mean something and toys that will encourage these boys of mine to use their imaginations!

Some of our favorite gifts have been:

The racetrack I got for Tibby for his birthday. It is just like this one, but ours glows.


Snap Circuits are always fun:


Below are some of our favorite toys and games:

This year, we are adding cookbooks to go with those knives for kids. The whole line of Curious Chef items look great!

We got a bike for our almost 4 year old.

We also threw in a few audio books for our roadtrips etc.

I am looking into these for Brighton's birthday in February:

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I hope these give you some fun ideas for the little people in your lives! Have a beautiful season with your family and friends!

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