Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Being a Mother and a Family

I have been so encouraged lately from a few posts I've read and videos I've watched. We are in the process of learning and listening to God and how He would want us to live our lives. It has brought us through some major (but exciting)changes that I can't wait to share with you over the next few months.

I am right now, so encouraged to stand up and be the mother God created me to be, and I wanted to share what I've been encouraged by with all of you!

Sarah writes a guest post today called The Three Important Lessons About Being a Mom. Number 3 melted my heart into a huge puddle of love.

Sally wrote a beautiful post about giving time to each child.
"I was pondering this event–him sitting still for this long and talking and talking and talking, and suddenly it dawned on me–”He is an extravert and he needs people, activity and wants to talk and be heard.”

I have a boy just like this, I know time being heard would win and keep his heart.

Just last night, before I ever read this article, I revamped our evening routine.
We ate dinner, helped clean up, the boys picked up toys, and one of the two little ones got in the bath. (Jaiden always takes his in the morning)

While one was enjoying his bath, playing with the tub toys all to himself, the other boys went on a night walk looking at lights with their daddy. We all met with brushed teeth and pajamas in their bedroom and read a book and a Proverb. 2 fell asleep and one was so happy. He had time, time spent with dad and all was well.

It's so important. Our role in mothering. We help mold these children. We help create a family. We have this one chance with each child, not that there isn't room for mistakes, but the overall objective is to know them, to love them, and to train them. It takes a LOT of time and a huge amount of dedication. It takes self denial. The end result will prove worth it. The time you spent with them will never have been wasted time.

This video was precious to me! I'd love to watch the whole thing. I hope this encourages you today as it has me. Be blessed!

It Is Your Life: The Moss Family from Moore Family Films on Vimeo.

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Heather said...

Wonderful post, Jeana!
The video is lovely and I've been reading Sarah's blog for a long time now! She helps me purge and clean :)


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