Monday, November 21, 2011

Cold and Rainy Day Activities

We have had a few very cold, windy, and rainy days over the past few weeks. And although I prefer my boys outside:


Getting dirty...and man do they get dirty!


As I have explored the internet I have come across some of the neatest ideas and printables. They are WAY too much fun not to share.

GREAT for days when you can't spend so much time outside.

Have you met Joel over at MadeByJoel

He has come up with such simple and fun paper toys. Yes, you just print and cut them out. These have provided hours of fun for our boys!


See? it even inspired our boys to make some of thier own paper houses to go along with it.

There is also the neatest woodpecker toy I've ever seen! Easily amused I know...but really this thing is fun...because it works! You print and cut out the woodpecker, cut a straw and put it in the fold, tape, string a rubber band through, and watch the woodpecker do his thing!



Take some time to explore Joel's site. You'll love it!

Another site I just came across is properly named All for the Boys.

Filled with tons of diy projects boys will love! We had fun with making these strawplanes. They are really simple and work very well!

First we worked on measuring:

With our pb&j in hand of course...

Almost ready!

Time to race:

The boys have loved these projects while it's cold and rainy. We are trying the tiny bow and arrow next...since we now have a boy with his own swiss army knife...;)

Enjoy those boys!


Kari said...

Looks like lots of fun! I have an almost 3 year old boy so I will be checking out those sites you linked to!

Family Style School said...

Thanks for these links. Very neat!

elizabeth said...

My granddaughter will love this website. Thanks so much, and thanks for your kind comment!


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