Monday, November 14, 2011


2011-10 (Oct)1

401. that you Father are the same yesterday, today and forever
402. a smooth weekend
403. the peace You have covered us with
404. a safe trip for my parents
405. endless hours of boys playing
406. toys scattered across the floor
407. feeling creative
408. warm cozy fires in the fireplace
409. the scent of a great smelling candle
410. laughing with our boys
411. a warm bed with clean sheets
412. the quiet after 3 little boys are asleep
413. an open Bible
414. audio books
415. Fall colors
416. finding a yellow scarf
417. starting a scripture journal
418. being lost in The Word
419. an early morning
420. healing
421. sharing thanksgiving with so many today


Kari said...

Love the list! It's refreshing to read all the little things that we so easily overlook. Great reminder that God really is in the small stuff,too!

Digger said...

I've just spent the past few minutes going through your site. I LOVE IT!! I'm a new follower! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing!



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