Monday, September 3, 2012

School Days

My goal this year is to try to do school 5 weeks and use the 6th week for planning. I can look over our 5 weeks in advance, order books, visit the library, print anything I need to print ahead of time.

That works best for me, because if I don't have what I need when I need it, I kind of get stuck..and don't proceed well after that.

I look through my list of Read Alouds, History literature, Ambleside readings, Fine Arts prints and resources, and projects that we will cover over the next 5 weeks and either print them, get them from the library, or order them.

We are already starting our 4th week of the 2012-2013 year! Wow. Here's what we've been up to and will continue this week and next before we break of my week of planning.

Bible: Family Reading Bible (Genesis)

Brighton (pre K): My Father's World days of Creation, letter S and sun study. We will begin letter M and moon study tomorrow, and next week will be letter L and leaf study.

I do not do every activity in the curriculum with him because he is in preK and we only spend 30 min. a day on his lessons.

Tristin (year 2):  Singapore Math 2A (3 pages a day)

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 1, we are on lesson 6, we started slowly to make sure he is mastering his lessons. Ending next week on lesson 10 or 12 ish.

Foreign language: We have started Greek. I didn't mention this in our curriculum for the year because I wasn't sure. Well we have started Code Cracker, and are on Unit 3 of the book. Tristin LOVES this book.

History: We have read more than halfway through King Arthur, and hopefully will finish it next week. We will also read The Kitchen Knight.

Science: Apologia Swimming Creatures. We have read Lesson 1. That covers aquatic animals, currents, tides, fresh water,  and the Abyss. This week and next week we start Lesson 2 Whales.

Grammar: English for the Thoughtful Child. We are on lesson 13. Goal is to be finish lesson 16 next week.

We have also started Shakespeare, Pilgrim's Progress, Our Island Story, and The Burgess Animal Book. We are using these prints of the animals we learn about for our nature journal.

Starting (again) Paddle to the Sea.
I love these ideas to use with the book.
Along with this visual pinterest board.
We will be watching this on youtube as well.

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

So, there you have it. A breakdown of what we do each week. I'll update our plan for the next 5 weeks when I plan it.

I don't have an exact schedule we have to follow, just an outline to act as a guide. So far that's working for us.

I've been intrigued by these videos. looking into this grammar to use after we finish our English for the Thoughtful Child.

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