Sunday, December 16, 2012

11 Years

Jaiden turned 11 years old last week. We have had a very rough couple of months, but he knew it was his birthday, and he was as happy as a clam.

He has been doing really well this year in school. He is learning to read on his computer and has started doing more academics than life skills. He's really catching on!

We are so proud of him.

I pray everyday for ways to show him we love him, and ways to help him.

We have a pretty big change coming up that we hope will help him more than anything. I'll let you know when we know for sure.

He's such a wonderful young man!

Brothers lighting the donut cake:




Happy Birthday Jai. We love you!!


Brittany Z said...

Love the doughnut cake!! Happy birthday to him!

Anna said...

I too love the doughnuts. Happy birthday Jaiden!! I'm so sorry it has been a hard couple of months, and I hope that this new year will be a better one for him. Blessings. (O, and the pics of your house in the next post are beautiful. Your taste is lovely!!)

Heather said...

Wow! Time flies, doesn't it? I feel like he was so little when I first started reading your blog. Many answered prayers since then!
Congratulations on your son's birthday. That's what my Dutch in-laws always say when it's a child's birthday :)


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