Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Enjoying January

I am not one that has always loved January. I used to find it long and dull. I mean what can you expect from a month that follows Christmas?! haha

Over the years I've truly learned to enjoy the newness and opportunities for fresh starts that January always brings. I have to admit, I do not enjoy the cold, but the rest? Yes.

January is a still and quiet month. A month to reflect on goals and plans. I also like to work on projects in January. We wanted to get started on our painting this month, and now halfway into the month, we've yet to start. It just makes me laugh at how I used think this month was SO long. I can't even keep up with it these days!

I have been doing our school work like I mentioned a few posts ago. I can see Tristin improving, but most important, I can see that he is starting to like reading. And that my friends, was the whole point of this! He is having fun with it all. I couldn't be happier about that! Can't wait to update more in the next few weeks.

We have also started giving Jaiden a whole lot of one on one time. After he gets home from school, my husband (if he's home) takes Jaiden up to his room, just to play. Whatever Jaiden wants to do. And I, sit with him at the table before dinner and play games or read with him. His attitude have improved. The real test will be in a few weeks when our schedule changes. Please pray with us on this?

God has shown me that he has big plans for these boys, and one of my desires for them all is to learn and to love reading. My prayer is that they learn to love reading God's word. God is showing me that He wants that for them (all of them!) as well. My time with Jaiden is spent working a lot on reading. I have a bunch of ideas, and will share those as soon as I finish writing it all out.

That leaves us with Brighton. This child is one who has a difficult time listening and paying any kind of attention, yet we've begun teaching him to read and he gets it...like it's no problem! Don't you love how different they all are?

I have also been doing my cooking, cleaning, reading and watching Downton Abbey and Parenthood. Those are the only shows that I just love to watch. I look forward to Sunday and Tuesday nights. A bit disappointed that Parenthood's season finale is next week. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. Really and truly bummed about it ha.

I've been listening to podcasts with Andrew Kern that are renewing my love for homeschooling. I have also renewed my love for having them memorize. I know that Classical and Charlotte Mason use memorization as key in their methods, but we fell off our memorizations when we moved (eh...9 months ago) and never got back into it. Articles like Memorization Should Not be a Lost Art, Edie"s list of what her girls are memorizing, Shawni's post about poetry really struck a chord with me. So I ordered this book and will use it as my guide, as well as scripture.

My last goal is to paint one wall in our family room with chalkboard paint. I know that's not an original idea by any means, but the more we are getting into grammar, writing, multiplication etc, the more I find myself longing for one. Hopefully I can get that done this month too!

I sure am enjoying these boys of ours. I hope you all are having a great start to the new year!


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