Thursday, January 3, 2013

School Updates

That sure was a fast semester! We have had a wonderful year so far. We are a little behind in our science, and I started Story of the World around Thanksgiving, so we will be a bit behind in getting that finished before summer, but I think it will be okay.

2nd Grade:


Reading through The Family Reading Bible
Started reading the Day by Day Bible for Kids. (to read through the whole year)
Hymns: Farther Along, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, I am Resolved, How Great Thou Art

We have finished the first half of Singapore math (2A).
I love this curriculum. Tristin has learned his multiplication and division through the 3s.
I'm considering Teaching textbooks as a supplement.

We are going through Apologia Swimming Creatures. It's been a slow process, but we
are enjoying it. We are on Lesson 4. We should probably be on Lesson 6.

Also reading through The Burgess Animal Book

We started the year with a bunch of books. We read:
The Little Duke
The Kitchen Knight
The Sword in the Tree
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
Our Island Story (not finished)

I added The Story of the World Volume 2 around Thanksgiving.
We are on Lesson 4.

Language Arts:
We are still going right along in English for the Thoughtful Child.
Although we like it, I want to add more grammar in the future.
I'm considering Michael Clay Thompson and IEW
We LOVE All About Spelling. I cannot say enough about this curriculum.
We will finish Level 1 this month, and move right along to Level 2.

We are reading through Little Pilgrim's Progress (Tristin absolutely loves this book)

Fine Arts:
Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare
Maestro Classics Handel
Starting a music class called Noteworthy Music Academy, I believe they are
studying The Carnival of the Animals this semester.


We are going right through My Father's World Kindergarten

Singapore Math KA

Handwriting Without Tears

We have started Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons.
He is doing really well so far. This did not go well with Tristin when he

was younger.

Brighton is starting to read the Bob Books (Volume 1)
Watching Letter Factory

We have also studied how our bodies work. He LOVED
See Inside Your Body. He asks to read it often.

Plans for January.

I am continuing right along with Brighton's Preschool lessons and books, but am changing things up a bit with Tristin this month.

I feel he needs extra reading practice. He is just not doing as well as I would expect at this point. Although, I believe his reading has improved so much this year, he is just not comfortable with it.

We are taking a big break this month. We will review our math, and do a few lessons in History and Science, but our focus this month is phonics, sight words, and spelling.

I think he needs this little boost and that's what I love about homeschooling. It's catered to their specific needs.

We continue with All About Spelling daily.

We will go over sight words and play games to make sure he is comfortable with them.
These sight word lists are beautiful!
He will read to me more often on a level he is completely comfortable with.
We are putting sentences together and writing them using Silly Starters.
Reviewing Phonograms

I'm hoping this will boost his reading, and help him feel more confident in reading.
I'll update on this soon!


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Heather said...

I've been trying to get my act together and blog my homeschooling throughout January. I like the way you list your curriculum because it's good accountability. So glad to hear you're enjoying it and had a good last semester!


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