Friday, January 25, 2013

Everyday Life

Everyone in our house was sick last week. I just wasn't feeling good, but the rest had what I'm guessing was the flu. It really seemed like the longest, quietest week. We didn't go anywhere, no homeschool, the boys weren't even up to playing. I thought Jaiden had escaped the sickness until I got a call from school Thursday morning that he was indeed sick.

This week has felt more like recovery mode. We were all still tired, and I had a migraine for a few days. Today, I'm happy to report everyone is what seems back to "normal"!

 I had a nicely clean and quiet home for a few days and I was so happy to take care of everyone. I didn't need to cook much because we weren't eating much. I honestly had nothing much to do but rub backs, do a lot of laundry, and run warm baths for achy bodies. After a day though I missed the loud, playing boys. I missed everyone doing all sorts of things all over the house. I missed cooking for this little family of mine.

It's funny that it can all seem like so much sometimes, and when you get a tiny break from it all you miss it. It really showed me even more than I already knew, that I need to savor these moments. To stop and enjoy these boys of mine. The quiet can get lonely. Fast.


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Mary said...

i love this so much because i can relate COMPLETELY.


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