Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Summer Reading List and Lectures: Homeschool/Parenting

Yesterday, I shared what books we will be reading this summer together, as well as what school will look like for the next few months.

Today I wanted to share what is on my list. I love a whole range of genres, but am feeling right now in the mood for home school encouragement and spiritual encouragement. As well as some books related to a few goals I have, so let's get started!

Home school:

The 3 R's is a big one on my list. I've had moments to go through it, but have read it completely. I'm looking forward to using her ideas to teach (and focus) on the 3 R's with Brighton (Kindergarten). After looking through it, I really could of used this for Tristin (my little guinea pig).

Charlotte Mason Companion is one of my favorite books that I dabble in all throughout the year. It is SO full of the most inspiring reflections of learning. I set some goals, and read the chapters that will help with those.

The Well Educated Mind. This book is a guide to the classical education you never had. How to train your mind for classic literature. Something I was never taught, but really enjoy now.

Deconstructing Penguins. This book helps you to teach kids how to get the most of the books they're reading. I read it last summer, and can't wait to read it again!

For the Children's Sake. I've read this one a few times and am ready to tackle it again. I really love this book. If you love the idea of Charlotte Mason, you must read this!

I'm right in the middle of Simplicity Parenting and boy do I love the common sense in this book. It hits the nail on the head about what the effects of too much stuff (toys, media, activities) is having on our children.

When Children Love to Learn. I have never read this one, but have wanted to for so long...don't you just love the title? Also based on the Charlotte Mason method.

For homeschooling, I also love to listen to lectures, conventions, or read articles that keep me going. Some on my list are:

The Circe Institute. See the one down there on teaching boys who would rather be playing in forts?? Eh hmm

The Society of Classical Learning has some of they're recorded sessions from past conventions available for free. A ton of great info here.

The 21 videos from Ambleside Schools International (based on Charlotte Mason) are something I will be listening to again this summer for sure!

And Dr. Cyr's videos called The Pursuit of Maturity (though I haven't listened to all 3 hours) really made me think. You'll be inspired not to raise an immature child, and know the effect video games have in this roll. Plus a whole lot more I'm sure.

Summer is a great time for parents to reflect and get inspired to teach our children in a way God has placed in our lives.

What is on you reading list?

Next up: the rest of my summer reading.

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Tricia said...

You've inspired me. I was trying to get my thoughts together for my next post about our homeschool, and will include what we're reading this summer too. Thanks for sharing your reading selections!


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