Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Reading List (not for homeschool)

Last week I posted our reading lists. One for the kids, and then one for me as a homeschooler.
This week I wanted to share what is on my list for spiritual growth and my just for fun reading.

We read the Bible as our daily devotions with the boys and have just started Created for Work with them.

I have already started reading Anything and joined the online Bible Study over at Good Morning Girls. I'm actually doing this with a wonderful friend of mine!

I also started Cold Tangerines. I relate so much to this book. You know, I'll start living when... we have the money, I lose weight, the boys are a bit older etc..

Follow Me. I really like when I can feel Jesus in an author's book. I've read Radical, so I'm excited to read Follow Me now.

I'm finishing The Kitchen House. Really enjoying this. It's such a well written story. I love it when a story draws you in so much that you can feel the air, smell the smells, and really feel the emotion.

Cleaning House. I am on a huge kick to get organized and have a place for everything in our home and want for nothing. No more stuff.

The Paris Wife. Because I've always wanted to read it, and I just may be the only person left who hasn't read it yet.

The Lost Husband. Because really I can't pass up a summer story based in Hill Country can I? Must be the Texan in me :)

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