Sunday, April 18, 2010

Choosing Life Days 3 and 4

Ok, well yesterday I was running on lack of sleep, but not as bad as the night before. Our poor little man was still running fever off and on, but was in a fairly good mood and playing. We don't get sick often, I mean our youngest two have never been to the doctor (this was the first time he had tylonal/motrin for fever) I was praying for wisdom to know when/if we should take him to the doctor.

I was a tad grumpy yesterday, but I prayed along through the day and got quite a bit of cleaning and even cleaned out the freezer (it was on my list for spring cleaning). We even ended the day with a slumber party in my room since hubby was still working. I fought the the deepest urge to just tell them to go to their own beds so I could maybe get a few hours of sleep. It was fun and well worth it. The boys slept the right way in the bed and I (needing a little bit more space) stretched out across the end of our king size bed. It worked out really well.

Now, through the night my little man was still running fever and then started coughing and throwing up. POOR guy! We took him in to the Urgant Care Center this morning and he has double pneumonia! They said he was ok, and put him on antibiotics. VERY thankful we got him in on time. This is the first time he has been on an antibiotic, so I am working and praying for ways to build his immune system back up. We have probiotics and usually eat very healthy foods, so hopefully that is enough to get him back on track.

I have to say, this weekend, as far as my attitude goes, it has been better than it usually is. I can feel God working in me. It's very hard to be "worked on" but I feel it will be just like our little sleepover....worth it.

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