Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In This Moment

We are taking a short break from school this morning. Before we get back into it for the rest of the morning, I wanted to capture with words what is going on in this moment.

Outside the dogs are playing in the sunshine. They are so dirty from the mud.

The boys are all doing their own little thing, trying to cram as much "fun" in their short morning break as they can =]

Jaiden is playing Hillsong's Mighty to Save in the background.

We are all still in our pjs.

I'm thinking about..... so much! God's perspective. What's for dinner (tortilla soup). How to best meet our boys' needs today. Christmas shopping. Cleaning this house!

Tibby (6) made his bed and opened his curtains all week this week without being told! He also did the dishes for me yesterday. And, he is currently making Christmas cards for us...he is so excited and has been working on them all week!

Today, I'm going to finish my photobook for our family! It's beautiful!

I did not do well with our laundry last week after vacation, and decided to get it all done this past weekend. Well, wouldn't you know....our dryer wasn't working. I wash two loads a day, and my sweet mom drops by to pick it up and dry it for me. I'm actually getting caught up!

I will be posting pictures from our vacation.....very soon!

Well, I better get back to school, before they think we're done for the day!!

Have a beautiful day!

1 comment:

Heather said...

It's a good life. Those little things really do make up the big things, don't they? I feel like I know you all a little more with those details :)


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