Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vacation With Our Big Boys

Brighton got to stay home with my parents. I'm thinking he loved all the one on one attention as he got them all to himself. The few times I called to check on him, he was planting spring bulbs with my dad, feeding the cat who my nephews named ping pong, watering the yard, or (speaking of) playing ping pong in the garage. I'm not even sure he noticed we were gone!

We headed to Dallas with our big boys. I booked a really nice hotel with an indoor swimming pool since it wasn't expensive at all, and I wanted the boys to be pampered a bit =]

love the message on the pillow 

even George made himself at home 

man, I love these guys! 

Tibby says, "hut, set, ready!" 

this is the real Jaiden ;) 

the little acorns were falling off the trees 

blurry, but the lobby was so nice and cozy 

some fun pool time! 

Annnnd, here is what we came for. The Sprint Cup. It was soooo much more fun than I ever imagined.

gotta get a better look 

it was LOUD, but I enjoyed getting to listen to Jimmie Johnson and his crew chief in those headphones. seriously, I loved that part...I must be nosy... 

poor Jeff Gordon was not a happy camper 

What a fun time! The boys loved it! 

driving home 

we stopped here in a small town I was born in, and visited with the sweet lady that owned this adorable shop and cafe. 

It was wonderful to get away. I just loved how nice and simple the whole weekend was. The boys are ready to do it again! It was also nice to get back home to our our littlest boy. He really was happy to see us. 


Craig and Bethany said...

And blue sky too?! {sigh} How NICE. Love the smiles and LOVE that last pic. Hope all are refreshed!

Heather said...

Too funny that you called yourself nosy. That we so be me too. Watching the cars go round and round is nothing like hearing what's going on in the background, ha ha!
Looks like you had a great time :)

Rachelle said...

What fun! So thankful that you guys could get away together.


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