Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New Home

If you recall in February we put our house up for sale. We got 4 contracts and officially went under contract at the beginning of April. yay! We have been in our new house for almost 2 weeks now! Our house is not "new" though. At all. It was built in 1927. I have always, ever since I was little, said I was going to live in a certain area of our city, that has old house, brick streets, and trees. Tons of trees. When we married 10 years ago, I brought my husband over here and told him that we would one day live here. About 8 months ago, I saw this house on the market. WAY more than we wanted to spend, I thought, maybe one day.. Then, around Christmas, I noticed they dropped the price..still way more than we wanted to spend. We came to an open house in January "just to look" and I LOVED it. We put our house on the market a week later, and I prayed that it all would work out if it was in God's plan. We looked at other houses along the way, and found nice ones..but just not "this" one. When we got a contract on our house, I brought my Realtor in and asked if she thought we would even have a chance at it at the price we wanted it for. She said, "I'm always up for trying!" So we started pretty low on our first offer, and they of course countered..not even close. Not wanting to waste time negotiating, we just gave them our best offer. I prayed that if this was meant to be, they would take it with no counter at all. They took it, we moved in! I can't wait to show pictures, but my camera battery died, and I can't find the charger! Ahh! I will show the pictures as soon as I find it! We are so thankful and blessed that this all worked out. We have met all of our new neighbors, they are all so kind. I told my husband that we never met that many neighbors in our old neighborhood even after living there almost 7 years! We are settling in nicely, and really starting to feel at home.


Michelle said...

ohmygosh!!! how exciting! I cannot wait to see pictures!!! :-) Congratulations on your dream home :-)

amy (mamascout said...

Hi! Just poppin over after your super nice comments on my blog! Thank you! And congratulations on your house! We live in an old house in the historic district of our town and really love it. I can not wait to see pictures - i love an old house!

Tricia said...

Congratulations how exciting!!! We too are preparing to move into a new home, but ours won't be ready until November. Can't wait to see the pictures of your new home. So thankful that God has blessed you with a dream come true!

Heather said...

Yay! How thrilling! Can't wait to see the pics--I know you'll do fabulous things with your new home, since you're a super decorator!


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