Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whats On Our Shelves

One of the biggest reasons I choose this home is because of the built ins. They are wonderful! Even though I loved them so much, we didn't have a ton of stuff to put on them, and I didn't quite have the stuff to put at the very top. You know...the stuff you don't really need goes up there because you can't reach it ha.

I worked with what we already had. I added all of our school books, or these babies would be bare.
I really love the way they came together. Take a look, up close and personal.


This is right by our reading nook. I placed a lamp, and the basket holds our family devotionals and Bibles.
There is a picture of a Van Gogh painting for our "something to think about" (more on this and the Charlotte Mason method tomorrow).
Pictures of the boys we made a few years ago for father's day. And, a tiny picture of my husband when he was a boy.
We have decor and garden books on the bottom,  and rich literature and bible study books on the second shelf.



On this side we have fine arts, geography, children's bibles, and read alouds. We added pictures of some of our sponsored boys and a flower pot full of OLD thread.


This shelf has some wonderfully aged literature, letter "B"s and mercury glass.


This last shelf has a lot of nature inspired items. Birds and our nature collection, as well as another picture of a sponsored child and an old army picture of my Papa.

I love filling our home with things we use and love.

Across the room are some more built ins that are not organized, so you don't get to see all of it. But, I did want to show you that we put our home computer there, and there is another set of stairs there. How fun haha! The boys are up one set down the other. All day long.


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