Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our School Curriculum 2012-2013

As busy as we've been the past few months, I've managed to look over curriculum we needed to change up or add to, and get it all ordered. Yay!

We plan to get started on the new year next week. So exciting!

We use the Classical and Charlotte Mason methods. I love so much about Charlotte Mason, but needed some of the Classical approach to sprinkle in.

We are doing 2nd Grade and PreK this year.


For Preschoool we are actually using My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum, because after looking it over, I know Brighton will do really well with it and it's just enough to let him do "school" without me planning a lot.

MFW includes unit studies, phonics, and character development, all biblical based. We will take it slow and spend 30-45 min a day doing this together throughout the day.

We also plan to do a lot of reading. We have an old Five in Row curriculum, that I want to add in with our reading. Nothing big like lap books, but just reading and talking about what we're reading.

2nd Grade:

 We are starting again with the Family Reading Bible. We read it last year, and have absolutely loved it. We follow the short path since Brighton and Jaiden sit in on the readings daily. It's an actual Bible with a reading plan throughout the whole Bible. It has discussion questions as well for each reading. We have all learned so much!

 We are sticking with Singapore Math
We have loved it, and why fix something that isn't broken?! I actually picked up 2A-3B at a used curriculum sale for under $10!
 We also love Family Math

 This year we are using All About Spelling
After looking over it at a friend's house, I knew this would be a tremendous help for my full of phonics questions boy. I'm so excited about this!

 We are sticking with English for the Thoughtful Child
It is very gentle and Tristin gets it. He does very well with this, again, no need for change. We will add volume 2 when we get there.

 We will do copywork from Scripture, poetry, and literature. We are also going to start a gratitude journal or wall. I'll post more when we get started.

 We will continue with our Nature Journal from last year.  We don't write in it, so it's available to use again. We have a lot more to explore at our new place which is a ton of fun!

We have added Apologia Swimming Creatures to our curriculum this year. We will take it slow, read additional literature and do projects. We are excited about this!

Will read The Burgess Animal Book

 For History we are reading books for the Middle Ages.

We will be reading (I can make a different post on the order we will read these)
Robin Hood
Good Queen Bess
The Kitchen Knight: King Arthur
The Shakepeare Stealer 
Viking Ships at Sunrise and more Magic Tree House books
Joan of Arc
The Door in the Wall

 We will also include A Child's History of the World
and Our Island Story and Trial and Triumph

 And more books I pick up throughout the year. I'll be sure to let you know!


 Continue though  Paddle to the Sea
then start Tree in the Trail

Fine Arts:
  Da Vinci


 Ambleside Online Poetry and term 2

 The Pilgrim's Progress
 Parables from Nature
 Understood Betsy
 The Wind in the Willows
 Little House on the Prarie

I love these two sites for helping with our booklists:


Charlotte Mason Help

We are excited to get started!

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Liz said...

We are doing Abel's phonics and math for Ella this year (4/5yrs old). I am interested in My Fathers World. I would love to know more about what you think. We really want a Biblical curriculum for next year.

Liz said...

Auto correct made Abeka into "Abel". Sorry!

Ashley said...

Hi Jenna!
After you posted on m page I came to yours =) We too did the Family Reading Bible last year but this year I wanted something more hands on and fun, I want to culitvate a love of learning God's Word in my litte ones. Have a great homeschooling year!

Heather said...

Wow! When you write it all out like that, it sounds like soooo much, doesn't it? Yet, somehow, it all works out :) Have a great beginning to your year, my friend!

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

So exciting Jeana! I sure wish I had the abilities you have to teach your kiddos. It just didn't work for us. :( I mourn that every year. Blessings to you guys! Love you.

Sarah Avila said...

If you are interested in connecting with other Apologia users, check out the Apologia Blog Roll that I host here:




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