Sunday, August 19, 2012

To Be Still and Know Him

I sit here a bit tired and weary from the past few weeks, but still full of joy, even if it's deep down. I long to be still and know Him. That is my desire. I want for nothing else right now then to do just that. I want a deeper prayer life, I want to fully grasp that parenting is serving, I want my children's hearts and I want them to see the love of our Father in me. I want my husband to be blessed and have full confidence in me to care for his home and family while he is providing. I'm praying about how to be lost in His word and that my whole family will be captivated by Him. I'm praying that will be all that matters to us. We start each day with prayer, bible, and a thankful heart.

496. having time to plan for the week
497. a great first week of school
498. praying through doing something hard (for me)
499. boys starting their own gratitude journals
500. loud thunderstorms
501. the beginning of cool days
502. Saturday nice to have a whole entire clean house!
503. reading
504. french toast and coffee on a Saturday morning
505. feeling content
506. going to bed early
507. making my husband's favorite meal after he had a long day
508. a boy who loves happier without it...yes we still have this struggle :)
509. boys building with legos
510. finding garage sale treasures
511. grace in the chaos


Amy Bowman said...

How comforting it was to have you leave me a bit of a note at NN and let me know you too are needing and hearing the reminder to be still.

You are always such an encouragement to me. I can't believe we have never met..

blessings to you dear friend!

Brit said...

Loved this post. Thanks for sharing your heart because it is encouraging.


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